The Fyre-Bough

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Gleeset List for Songs from the Fyrgen

The Fyre-Bough is a Newfolk song by the gleeman Wolcensmen in the gleeset Songs from the Fyrgen. A bough is a strong tree branch, though it can also be a way of saying the gallows.

Songwords in Early New English[edit]

The greene bough,
Glysteninge gold nowe,
Made sweye by wyndes that rise,
Beyonde the glare of Erthely eyes.

The Ried-Fyre,
Slytheringe heigher,
Fede wel by lims of olde,
Briht with a fyre-bough of gold.

The wise tunge,
Foretellinge deeds done,
With words of wyrd, to know,
Tydinges as trewe as scholde shew.
And he wou'd know,
The ryme and rede of a fo.
And he would here,
Here that are ever-nere.
And he would fight,
Never to cowe or to hyde.
We brynge to minde the fyre-bough.

Songwords in Steerline New English[edit]

The green bough,
Glistening gold now,
Made sway by winds that rise,
Beyond the glare of Earthly eyes.

The Reed-Fire,
Slithering higher,
Fed well by limbs of old,
Bright with a fire-bough of gold.

The wise tongue,
Foretelling deeds done,
With words of weird, to know,
Tidings as true as should show.
And he wou'd know,
The rime and rede of a foe.
And he would hear,
Hear that are ever-near.
And he would fight,
Never to cowe or to hide.
We bring to mind the fire-bough.