᛫ ligt

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Laitlode ƿafes cum from laitload scaking and are cross ƿafes. Hy need not a feeld to spread for hy can ferry ellen þroug toomroom. Þere, laitlodestrealing, of any oftenness, fares at ligtspeed, hƿic is abute 3×108 meters a brigtom.

All of þese are on þe laitlode rainboƿ, hƿic is made up of ligt þat can and can not be seen. Þe heƿs þat ƿe umbsee mac only a small deal of þis rainboƿ.



Upon hitting a bred, þe beam (here called þe landing beam), hits þe landing spot at a hƿem from þe cross, a line uprigt from þe bred. Þen, by þe laƿ of glassing, þe beam is glassed at þe same hƿem as þe landing beam.

Bredƿise, þere are tƿo kinds of glassing, smooþ and ruge. Smooþ glassing begets a scire meting, hƿile ruge glassing spreads þe ligt in sundry ƿisings.


In sooþ, antimber sloƿs ligt dune. Þe breaking andefen is ligtspeed bemeted ofer þe speed of ligt in an antimber.

Snell so says þat þe breaking andefen is a ƿiþerƿeigt to þe breaking hƿem, so hƿen þe beam reaces a feeld of a higer breaking andefen, it bends toƿard þe cross.

full inglassing[edit]

Þe landing hƿem þat begets a 90° breaking hƿem is called þe foremaþ hƿem.

Full inglassing is hƿen þe landing beam goes toƿard an antimber of a lesser breaking andefen and hƿen þe landing hƿem is greater þan þe foremaþ hƿem, þus glassing þe beam inside þe antimber instead of breaking it ute.

seeming depþ[edit]

Seeming depþ is þe depþ of a þing in an antimber as seen by a beholder of anoþer antimber ƿiþ anoþer breaking andefen. Þe beholder agets þe þing to be along þe breaking beam, þus seeing it at anoþer depþ, þe seeming depþ.