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This is an attempt to compile Anglish names for English's Latin letters (or in the case of W, to invent a name). The names are based on the manuscripts Stowe MS 57 and Cotton Titus D18, and also on an understanding of English's historic sound changes. For example, the name put forth for U is ow, since English's long U took on the sound /aʊ/. This bypasses the Anglo-French development from /u/ to /y/ to /ju/.

Current Letters
Aa a /eɪ/
Bb bee /bi/
Cc chee /tʃi/
Dd dee /di/
Ee e /i/
Ff eff /ɛf/
Gg yee /ji/
Hh hake /heɪk/
Ii i /aɪ/
Jj jay /dʒeɪ/
Kk kay /keɪ/
Ll el /ɛl/
Mm em /ɛm/
Nn en /ɛn/
Oo o /oʊ/
Pp pee /pi/
Qq cow ⟨cue⟩ /kaʊ/
Rr ar /ɑr/
Ss ess /ɛs/
Tt tee /ti/
Uu ow ⟨u⟩ /aʊ/
Vv vee /vi/
Ww twin-⟨u⟩ /twɪn.aʊ/
Xx ex /ɛks/
Yy wye /waɪ/
Zz zed /zɛd/
Former Letters
Þþ thorn /θɔɹn/
Ðð that /ðæt/
Ƿƿ win /wɪn/
Ææ ash /æʃ/
Ȝȝ yough /jaʊ/?