Anglish Rune Names

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This is my attempt at predicting how the names of the English runes would be pronounced and written today without French influence. Keep in mind that runes died out, and their names stopped evolving somewhere around 1,000 AD. Had English runes survived as a written system, keeping up with English sound changes, it is likely that some names would be swapped out for new ones, but it is impossible to predict which with anything resembling confidence.

fee fēoh X
ure X X X
þorn X X X
oos X X X
road X X X
ceen X X X
yeaf X X X
ƿin X X X
hail X X X
need X X X
ise X X X
year X X X
yeƿ X X X
pearþ X X X
elx X X X
sile X X X
tie X X X
birc X X X
e (eig?) X X X
man X X X
lay X X X
ing X X X
day dai dæi/dæg dæg
eþel X X X
oak X X X
asc X X X
ire X X X
ear X X X
calk X X X
gore X X X