Edwin Spelling

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Edwin Spelling is akin to Anglish Spelling but it goes further by incorporating the theory that the Old French and Norman-Latin pronunciations of <e> and <o> resulted in the original /eː/ and /oː/ pronunciations no longer being seen as the "default" long forms, resulting in the former being largely knocked off the magic-E system, and the later being wholly knocked off. The theory holds that without Old French and Norman-Latin influence, English today might rely solely on <ea> and <oa> to represent what were once /ɛː/ and /ɔː/, rather than ever representing them with magic-E.

qu cw [kw] queen > cween
u / ue / u_e o_e historically [u] yule > yole
u / ue / u_e ew historically [ju] true > trew
gu g when /g/ guest > gest
ou / ow ue / u_e [aʊ] loud > lude, cow > cue
c s [s] cinder > sinder
ie e_e [i] thief > thefe
e_e ea historically [ɛː] these > theas
o_e oa historically [ɔː] hole > hoal
ee e_e historically [eː] feed > fede
oo o_e historically [oː] moon > mone
th þ [θ] or [ð] the > þe