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The Writ

Fee / Feoh (wealth or cattle)

  • ᚠ byþ frofur fira gehwylcum sceal ðeah manna gehwylc miclun hyt dælan gif he wile for drihtne domes hleotan
  • ᚠ bith frover for all fires, though anyone shall deal it much if he wills for drightendom's lot
  • ᚠ is comfort for all men, though one should deal it out much if he wishes for a lot in the lord's kingdom.

Oure / Ur (aurochs)

  • ᚢ byþ anmod ond oferhyrned felafrecne deor feohteþ mid hornum mære morstapa þæt is modig wuht
  • ᚢ bith onemood and overhorned, feelfreeken deer, fights with horns, mear moorstepper, that is a moody wight
  • ᚢ is steadfast and horned above, very dangerous animal, fights with horns, famous moorstepper, that is a moody creature

Thorn / Þorn (thorn)

  • ᚦ byþ ðearle scearp ðegna gehwylcum anfeng ys yfyl ungemetum reþe manna gehwelcum ðe him mid resteð
  • ᚦ bith thearl sharp, is evil to every thane who fangs, unmetedly rethe to anyone who rests with it
  • ᚦ is very sharp, is evil to every thane who grabs it, immeasurably cruel to anyone who rests with it

Oose / Os (god)

  • ᚩ byþ ordfruma ælcre spræce wisdomes wraþu and witena frofur and eorla gehwam eadnys and tohiht
  • ᚩ bith the ordfrum of all speech, wisdom's wrathe and witters' frover, and every earl's ed and hight
  • ᚩ is the origin point of all speech, wisdom's support and wisemen's comfort, and every earl's prosperity and hope

Road / Rad (riding)

  • ᚱ byþ on recyde rinca gehwylcum sefte ond swiþhwæt ðamðe sitteþ on ufan meare mægenheardum ofer milpaþas
  • ᚱ bith soft to each rink in a raked, and swithewhat to those who sit on abuve a mainhard mare over milepaths
  • ᚱ is soft to each man while in a palace, but very vigorous to those who sit above a very bold mare over the milepaths

Cheen / Cen (torch)

  • ᚳ byþ cwicera gehwam cuþ on fyre blac ond beorhtlic byrneþ oftust ðær hi æþelingas inne restaþ
  • ᚳ bith cooth to everyone who's quick, bloak while on fire, and brightly burns oftest there where athelings in rest
  • ᚳ is known to everyone alive, pale while on fire, and brightly burns most often where princes rest

Yive / Gifu (gift)

  • ᚷ gumena byþ gleng and herenys wraþu and wyrþscype and wræcna gehwam ar and ætwist ðe byþ oþra leas
  • ᚷ of gooms bith glendge and hereness to wrathe and worship, and ore to every wrech, and bith atwist to lease others
  • ᚷ of men is a support and devotion to merit and greatness, and honor to every wretch, and substance to others who are bereft

Win / Wyn (joy)

  • ᚹ bruceþ ðe can weana lyt sares and sorge and him sylfa hæfþ blæd and blysse and eac byrga geniht
  • ᚹ is brooked by him who knows littel sares, woes, and sorrow, and himself has blad and bliss and eke ? anight
  • ᚹ is enjoyed by those who know little woes, machinations, and sorrows, and himself has prosperity and bliss, plus ? abundance

Hail / Hægel (hail)

  • ᚻ byþ hwitust corna hwyrft hit of heofones lyfte wealcaþ hit windes scura weorþeþ hit to wætere syððan
  • ᚻ bith the whitest corn, wharves it from heaven's lift, walks it in wind's shower, then it forworths to water
  • ᚻ is the whitest grain, it whirls from heaven's sky, it walks in wind's showers, then it becomes water

Need / Need (plight)

  • ᚾ byþ nearu on breostan weorþeþ hi þeah oft niþa bearnum to helpe and to hæle gehwæþre gif hi his hlystaþ æror
  • ᚾ bith narrow on the breast, forworths it though oft a help to man's barns and to healths both, if hie listen erer
  • ᚾ is tight on the heart, though often it becomes a help both to man's children and to heroes, if they heed it early on

Ice / Is (ice)

  • ᛁ byþ oferceald ungemetum slidor glisnaþ glæshluttur gimmum gelicust flor forste geworuht fæger ansyne
  • ᛁ bith overcold, unmetedly slidey, glistens glassclear, yims likest, a floor wrought with frost is a fair ansine
  • ᛁ is overly cold, immeasurably slippery, glistens like clear glass, most like gems, a floor wrought with frost is a fair appearance

Year / Gear (year)

  • ᛡ byþ gumena hiht ðonne God læteþ halig heofones cyning hrusan syllan beorhte bleda beornum ond ðearfum
  • ᛡ bith goom's hight, when God, holy heaven's king, lets, rus sells bright blead for berns and for tharves
  • ᛡ is man's hope, when God, holy heaven's king, allows, Earth's crust gives bright fruit for both wealthy men and poor men

Yough / Eoh (yew tree)

  • ᛇ byþ utan unsmeþe treow heard hrusan fæst hyrde fyres wyrtrumun underwreþyd wyn on eþle
  • ᛇ bith an unsmooth tree on the uteside, fast in the hard rus, fire's herd, underwrathed by wortroom, win on an ethel
  • ᛇ is an unsmooth tree on the outside, fast in the hard crust of the Earth, fire's keeper, supported under by an expanse of roots, a joy on an estate

Pearth / Peorð (?)

  • ᛈ byþ symble plega and hlehter wlancum ðar wigan sittaþ on beorsele bliþe ætsomne
  • ᛈ bith simbel play and laughter for the lonk, there wyers sit in the beerseel blithely atsammen
  • ᛈ is (ever?)(banquet?) play and laughter for the proud, there warriors sit in the beerhall happily together

Elks / Eolhx (elk's)

  • ᛉ secg eard hæfþ oftust on fenne wexeð on wature wundaþ grimme blode breneð beorna gehwylcne ðe him ænigne onfeng gedeþ
  • sedge eard hath oftest waxeth in fens in water, wundeth grim, burns blood of each bern who onfang at it ?
  • ᛉ sedge has most often its home growing in fens in water, wounds grimly, bloody burns each man who grabs at it

Sile / Sigel (sun or sail)

  • ᛋ semannum symble biþ on hihte ðonne hi hine feriaþ ofer fisces beþ oþ hi brimhengest bringeþ to lande
  • ᛋ bith seamen's simbel in hight, when hie ferry hemselves over fishes' bath, until hir brimhench bringeth hem to land
  • ᛋ is ever hope for seamen, when they ferry themselves over fishes' bath, until their brimhorses (ships) bring them to land

Tye / Ti

  • ᛏ biþ tacna sum healdeð trywa wel wiþ æþelingas a biþ on færylde ofer nihta genipu næfre swiceþ
  • ᛏ bith sum token, holdeth trow well with athelings, ever bith in fareld over night's anip, never swiketh
  • ᛏ is a some token, it holds trust well with princes, ever bith on its journey over night's clouds/mist, never departs/fails/deceives

Birch / Berc (birch tree)

  • ᛒ byþ bleda leas bereþ efne swa ðeah tanas butan tudder biþ on telgum wlitig heah on helme hrysted fægere geloden leafum lyfte getenge
  • ᛒ bith bleadless, even though it beareth tones without tuder, it bith litty in tallow, high of helm, hirsted fair, laden with leaves nigh to the lift
  • ᛒ is fruitless, even though it bears shoots without offspring, it is sightly in dyes, high of helm, ornamented fair, laden with leaves nigh to the sky

E / Eh (steed)

  • ᛖ byþ for eorlum æþelinga wyn hors hofum wlanc ðær him hæleþ ymbe welege on wicgum wrixlaþ spræce and biþ unstyllum æfre frofur
  • ᛖ bith for earls, athelings' win, a horse lonk of hooves, where healths umb hem are well on widges, wrixel hir speech and bith ever frover to the unstill
  • ᛖ is for earls, princes' joy, a horse proud of hooves, where heroes around them are well on steeds, alter their speech and are ever a comfort to the unstill

Man / Mann (mankind)

  • ᛗ byþ on myrgþe his magan leof sceal þeah anra gehwylc oðrum swican forðum drihten wyle dome sine þæt earme flæsc eorþan betæcan
  • ᛗ bith in mirth, his mays' luve, though everyone shall swike to other (stead), for the drighten willeth through his doom that arm flesh beteach to earth
  • ᛗ in mirth is his kin's love, though everyone shall depart to other (place), for the lord wills through his judgement that poor flesh be committed to earth

Lay / Lagu (body of water)

  • ᛚ byþ leodum langsum geþuht gif hi sculun neþan on nacan tealtum and hi sæyþa swyþe bregaþ and se brimhengest bridles ne gymeð
  • ᛚ bith longsome athought to leed if hie shall neeth on tealt nakes, and seaithes swithe bree hem, and the brimhench nay gimes for its bridel
  • ᛚ is to men tediously long and abundant if they shall venture on unsteady ships, and seawaves terrify them much, and the brimhorse cares not for its bridle

Ing / Ing

  • ᛝ wæs ærest mid East-Denum gesewen secgun oþ he siððan est ofer wæg gewat wæn æfter ran ðus Heardingas ðone hæle nemdun
  • ᛝ was erst seen with the East Danes by sedges, until he then awat est over waves, a wain after him ran, thus Heardings named this health
  • ᛝ was first seen among the East Danes by men, until he then departed est (east?) over waves, a wagon after him ran, thus the Heardings named this hero

Day / Dæg (day)

  • ᛞ byþ drihtnes sond deore mannum mære metodes leoht myrgþ and tohiht eadgum and earmum eallum brice
  • ᛞ bith the drighten's sond, dear to men, mear meted's light, mirth and hight to the eddy and arm, brich to all
  • ᛞ is the lord's messager, dear to men, famous light of the meted, mirth and hope to the prosperous and to the poor, useful to all

Ethel / Eþel (homeland)

  • ᛟ byþ oferleof æghwylcum men gif he mot ðær rihtes and gerysena on brucan on blode bleadum oftast
  • ᛟ bith overlief to each man, if he might brook rights and arisens there in blood oftest with its blead
  • ᛟ is very dear to each man, if he might enjoy rights and proper behaviors there in his blood most often with its fruits

Oak / Ac (oak tree)

  • ᚪ byþ on eorþan elda bearnum flæsces fodor fereþ gelome ofer ganotes bæþ garsecg fandaþ hwæþer ac hæbbe æþele treowe
  • ᚪ bith flesh's fodder on Earth for ild's barns, fares aloom over gannet's bath, garsedge fands whether oak has athel's trow
  • ᚪ is flesh's fodder on Earth for man's children, often it fares over the gannet's bath, ocean tests whether oak has noble loyalty

Ash / Æsc (ash tree)

  • ᚫ biþ oferheah eldum dyre stiþ on staþule stede rihte hylt ðeah him feohtan on firas monige
  • ᚫ bith overhigh, dear to ild, stithe in its stathels, holds its stead rightly though many fires fight it
  • ᚫ is very tall, dear to mankind, stiff in its supports, holds its stead rightly even when many men fight it

Ire / Yr (some kind of military gear)

  • ᚣ byþ æþelinga and eorla gehwæs wyn and wyrþmynd byþ on wicge fæger fæstlic on færelde fyrdgeatewa sum
  • ᚣ bith every atheling's and earl's win and worthmind, it bith fair on a widge, fastly on fareld, some ferdyattow
  • ᚣ is every noble's and earl's joy and honor, it is fair on a horse, steadfast on a journey, some militia equipment

Ear / Ear (grave soil?)

  • ᛠ byþ egle eorla gehwylcun ðonne fæstlice flæsc onginneþ hraw colian hrusan ceosan blac to gebeddan bleda gedreosaþ wynna gewitaþ wera geswicaþ
  • ᛠ bith ail to every earl, when fastly flesh agins, raw cooleth, chooseth rus and blake as its abedders, blead dreeseth, win awites, weres aswike
  • ᛠ is ailful to every earl, when steadfast flesh sets off, corpse flesh cools, chooses the Earth's crust and bleakness as its bedfellows, fruits perish, joy departs, men cease