Famous Romans

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Here are some mini-biographies of some famous Romans. The nominative case ending -us has been dropped from the names which normally have them in Modern English, so here you will only find Marc and never Marcus.

Beware, this article: uses Anglish Spelling, which has had foreign influence reverted.

The Writ


Luci Quincti Cincinnat was a Roomisc leader known for yeafing up weeld. It is said Cincinnat was made dictator so þat he culd lead Room against þe þreat of þe Aequi. Hƿen he was done he stepped dune and went back to his farm. He migt haf again been made dictator, and migt haf again stepped dune, but stearwits þink þis migt be a tale made up later.


Marc Porci Cato was cerlborn and fougt as a tribune in þe Oþer Punisc Wye. Afterwards he began a life of weeldcraft, becumming quaestor, aedile, praetor, and consul. He did muc to better Room by hafing new buildings made, and by beeting oþers. Again he fougt, one time to put dune an uprising in Spain, anoþer time to figt against Greeks. He had a hand in waning þe migt of þe Scipio hird. Cato became censor and sougt to uphold old Roomisc wuns; he fougt against yeafing women more freedom, and against Greek sway. His starkness earned him many foes. Cato felt Room was þreatened by Cartain getting back on its feet, so he wanted to see Cartain cwelled, hƿic ended up happening in þe Þird Punisc Wye, hƿic Cato lifed to see. Cato is known to later knees mucly as a writer. He wrote þe Origines, hƿic was þe first stearwrit of Room written in Leeden. Only small bits of þis writ are wiþ us today. He wrote oþer works too.


Publi Corneli Scipio African was a Roomisc hartow, consul, and patrician. Scipio is best known for figting in þe Oþer Punisc Wye. He won guþes in Spain against Cartain, became consul in 205BC, and ceos to strike at þe Cartainers in Norþ Africk raþer þan deal wiþ Hannibal hƿo was in Italy. He did well in Norþ Africk, and Hannibal came dune to figt him, but Hannibal lost to Scipio in þe Guþe of Zama. Cartain had to yeeld, and ended up yeafing Spain to Room, among oþer þings.


Marc Porci Cato was þe greatsonson of Cato þe Elder. Cato þe Yunger is known for being a leader of þe Optimates, a set of men hƿo sougt to keep Room a republic amid þe rise of Iuli Caesar. Early in his life he fougt against Spartac. Hƿen borouger wye broke ute between þose hƿo sided wiþ Caesar and þose hƿo sided wiþ Pompei, Cato took Pompei's side. Þe wye against Caesar trucked, and Cato ended up killing himself. Cicero wrote a writ called Cato, hƿerein he herried Cato. In answer, Caesar wrote Anticato hƿerein he spoke ill of Cato.


Publi Ovidi Naso was a Roomisc scop. Early in life it seemed he wuld go into weeldcraft, but he ended up hƿarfing instead to leeþcraft. Ovid's works were speedful, but his life's work was hindered hƿen king August had him fleemed to Tomis, nue Constanta Romany, from hƿic he nefer came back. He was freends wiþ Horace, anoþer well known Roomisc scop.


Marc Juni Brute, also known as Quint Caepio Brute, was a Roomisc weeldcrafter. Brute is best known for being one of þe main men behind þe killing of Iuli Caesar. He was þe neef of Cato þe Yunger, hƿo he picked up Stoic leef from. He fougt to hold dune þe rise of Pompei, but ended up siding wiþ him in þe war against Iuli Caesar. Caesar milsed him. Þruge his kiþscip wiþ Caesar warmed for a hƿile, it turned full cold hƿen Caesar made himself dictator for life and had himself goddened, leading Brute to dealnim in his killing. He had to flee afterwards, owing to þe þreat of þose hƿo liked Caesar. He was later yeafen weeld ofer land in þe east of þe realm hƿere he heaped up wealþ and migt. A borouger war broke ute between þose hƿo wuld take ofer following Caesar's deaþ. Brute sided wiþ Cassi against August and Mark Antoni, but was beaten and killed himself. His figts against dictatorscip gained him herrying wiþ Cicero.


Publi Vergili Maro was a scop best known for his þeedisc leeþ called þe Aeneid. He was widely held by Roomers to be þeir greatest scop. In þe Aeneid he tells a tale abute hue Room was staddelled and hue it is Room's ceore to bring civilisation to þe world. Vergili was born a cerl, into þe aftermaþ of þe borougerwye between Mari and Sulla. In his yewþ he witnessed þe new figt between Juli Caesar and Pompey, and his hate for borougerwye is glassed in his works.


Luci Coreneli Sulla was a Roomisc oneweelder. Sulla began as a quaestor under Gai Mari and dealnum in a wye against þe Nummeþs in Norþ Africk. He did so well against þem þat Mari grew ondy towards him. After becoming a praetor and figting in þe Social Wye he became a consul, and was yeafen a here to figt against Pontus wiþ. But hƿen Gai Mari fanded to make himself þe head of þis here, Sulla went to Room to strike at Mari, but Mari fled. Sulla þen went to figt Pontus as he was going to to begin wiþ. Hƿile Sulla was figting in Greekland Mari went back to Room and took ofer. Sulla was boded a foe of þe ric, and Room was cleansed of Sulla's backers, but þen Mari died of old eld. After winning against Pontus, Sulla went back to Room wiþ his here and fougt in a borougerwye against þe side Mari was on. Sulla won, became oneweelder, and Room was cleansed of Mari's old backers. Hƿile oneweelder Sulla did muc to edhew Roomisc law, one of his goals being to make it harder for anoþer man to take ofer Room as he had. He later stepped dune and died friþfully.