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Luci Quincti Cincinnat was a Roomish leader known for giving up wield. It is said Cincinnat was made dictator so that he could lead Rome against the threat of the Aequi. When he was done he stepped down and went back to his farm. He might have again been made dictator, and might have again stepped down, but stearmen think this might be made up.


Marc Porci Cato was churlborn and fought as a tribune in the Twoth Punish War. Afterwards he began a life of wieldcraft, taking up the wikes of quaestor, aedile, praetor, and consul. In his life he did much to better the borough of Rome by building new buildings and beeting others. He again fought, first to put down an uprising in Spain, then to fight against Greeks. He had a hand in waning the might of the Scipio hird. Cato became censor and sought to uphold old Roomish wones, fighting against giving women more freedom, and against Greek sway. His starkness earned him many foes. Cato felt threatened by Carthage getting back on its feet and wanted to see it quelled, which ended up happening in the Third Punish War, which Cato lived to see. Cato is known to later knees muchly as a writer. He wrote the Origines, which was the first stearwrit of Rome written in Latin. Only small bits of this writ are with us today. He wrought other works too.


Publi Corneli Scipio African was a Roomish heretow, consul, and patrician. Scipio is best known for fighting in the Twoth Punish Wye. He won gouths in Spain against Carthage, became consul in 205BC, and chose to strike at the Carthagers in North Africa rather than deal with Hannibal who was in Italy. He did well in North Africa, and Hannibal came down to fight him, but Hannibal lost to Scipio in the Gouth of Zama. Carthage had to yield, and ended up giving Spain to Rome, among other things.


Marc Porci Cato was the Great Sonson of Cato the Elder. Cato the Younger is known for being a leader of the Optimates, a set of men who sought to keep Rome a republic amid the rise of Iuli Caesar. Early in his life he fought against Spartac. When borougher wye broke out between those who sided with Caesar and those who sided with Pompei, Cato took Pompei's side. The wye against Caesar trucked, and Cato ended up killing himself. Cicero wrote a writ called Cato, wherein he herried Cato. In answer, Caesar wrote Anticato wherein he spoke ill of Cato.


Publi Ovidi Naso was a Roomish shop. Early in life it seemed he would go into wieldcraft, but he ended up wharving instead to leethcraft. Ovid's works were speedful, but his life's work was hindered when king August had him fleemed to Tomis, now Constanța Romany, from which he never came back. He was friends with Horace, another well known Roomish shop.


Marc Juni Brute, also known as Quint Caepio Brute, was a Roomish wieldcrafter. Brute is best known for being one of the main men behind the killing of Iuli Caesar. He was the neve of Cato the Younger, who he picked up Stoiclief from. He fought to hold down the rise of Pompei, but ended up siding with him in the war against Iuli Caesar. Caesar milced him. Though his kithship with Caesar warmed for a while, it turned swithe cold when Caesar made himself dictator for life and had himself goddened, leading Brute to dealnim in his killing. He had to flee afterwards, owing to the threat of those who liked Caesar. He was later given wield over land in the east of the realm where he heaped up wealth and might. A borougher war broke out between those who would take over following Caesar's death. Brute sided with Cassi against August and Mark Antoni, but was beaten and killed himself. His fights against dictatorship gained him herrying with Cicero.


Publi Vergili Maro was a shop best known for his theedish leeth called the Aeneid. He was widely held by Roomers to be their greatest shop. In the Aeneid he tells a tale about how Rome was stathelled and how it is Rome's chore to bring civilisation to the world. Vergili was born a churl, into the aftermath of the borougherwye between Mari and Sulla. In his youth he witnessed the new fight between Juli Caesar and Pompey, and his hate for borougherwye is glassed in his works.


Luci Coreneli Sulla was a Roomish onewielder. Sulla began as a quaestor under Gai Mari and dealnome in a wye against the Nummeths in North Africa. He did so well against them that Mari grew ondy towards him. After becoming a praetor and fighting in the Social War he became a consul, and was given a here to fight against Pontus with. But when Gai Mari fanded to make himself the head of this here, Sulla went to Room to strike at Mari, but Mari fled. Sulla then went to fight Pontus as he was going to to begin with. While Sulla was fighting in Greekland Mari went back to Room and took over. Sulla was boded a foe of the rich, and Room was cleansed of Sulla's thavers, but then Mari died of old eld. After winning against Pontus, Sulla went back to Room with his here and fought in a borougherwye against the side Mari was on. Sulla won, became onewielder, and Room was cleansed of Mari's old thavers. While onewielder Sulla did much to edhew Roomish law, one of his goals being to make it harder for another man to take over Room as he had. He later stepped down and died frithfully.