Gender and Sexuality

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This is a page by CarlmanZ about Anglicizing various words and terms about gender and sexuality into Anglish. This page is a heavy WIP, so please excuse any faults for the time being.

This page is less about historical accuracy, and more about what is to be considered (by the author) as æsthetically pleasing.


The following are the primary translations of words and phrases. For alternatives, see the bottom of this section.

human being = man
Homo sapiens = mankind

man = were (ƿere)
woman = wife (ƿife)
person = wane (ƿane)

husband = wereman (ƿereman)
wife = woman (ƿuman)
spouse = waneman (ƿaneman)

male = wered (ƿered)
female = wived (ƿifed)
non-binary = waned (ƿaned)

masculine = werely (ƿerely)
feminine = wifely (ƿifely)
neuter = wanely (ƿaned)

LGBTQ+ = Queerdom (Cƿeerdom)

romance = lovehood (lufhood)
sexuality = fuckhood

hetero- = other- (oþer-)
homo- = same-
bi- = twi- (tƿi-)
pan- = all-
a- = un-
cis- = hither- (hiþer-)
trans- = yonder- (geonder-)

-romanticAJ = -loving (-lofing)
-romanticN = -lover (-lofer)
-sexualAJ = -fucking
-sexualN = -fucker
-gender = -kin

gender = kin
sex = fuck
sex-change = fuck-wend
transitionAJ = wending (ƿending)
transitionV = wend (ƿend)


All instances of ‘wife’ with ‘woman’, and vice versa. ‘wifely’ to ‘womanly’, ‘wived’ to ‘womanned’, and so on. If you go this route, it is recommended to to the same with ‘were’ and ‘wane’ to their counterparts.

All instances of ‘-fuck’ with ‘-lust’. ‘fuckhood’ to ‘lusthood’, ‘-fucker’ to ‘-luster’, and so on. It may no longer be a swear, but it has added alliteration appeal.

Example Sentences[edit]

English Anglish Anglish with Anglish Spelling
“Trans rights are human rights!” “Yonder rights be man rights!” “Geonder rigts be man rigts!”
“Guys, gals, and non-binary pals!” “Weres, wives, and wanes!” “Ƿeres, ƿifes, and ƿanes!”
“Ash? Yeah, they came-out as non-binary to their parents, today. Their cisgender brother helped.” “Ash? Yea, hy came-out as a wane to her alders, today. Her hitherkin brother helped.” “Asc? Yea, hy cam-ute as a ƿane to her alders, today. Her hiþerkin broþer helped.”
“Some guys may find that they are also sexually attracted to men; this is called being bisexual.” “Some churls may find that hy be also lusting after weres; this is called being a twifucker.” “Sum cerls may find that hy be also lusting after ƿeres; þis is called being a tƿifucker.”
“I had a dream where a zombie Gilbert Gottfried made my parents asexual. When I woke up, they were getting divorced!” “I had a dream where an undead Yiselbert Godfrith turned my alders into unfuckers. As I was waking-up, hy were breaking-up!” “I had a dream hƿere an undead Giselbert Godfriþ turned my alders into unfuckers. As I ƿas ƿaking-up, hy ƿere breaking-up!”
“After his transition, Victoria changed his name to ‘Victor’; after Eva's transition, he changed his name to ‘Ramsey’.” “After his wending, Fettory wended his name to ‘Fettor’; after Ewe's transition, he wended his name to ‘Ram’.” “After his ƿending, Fettory ƿended his name to ‘Fettor’; after Eƿe's ƿending, he ƿended his name to ‘Ram’.”
“There was a lady running-around nude at the pride parade! I wish I was that cool…” “There was a lady running-umb naked at the pride walk! I wish I was that cool…” “Þere ƿas a lady running-umb naked at þe pride walk! I wisc I ƿas þat cool…”
“My aunt got a sex-change in the 90s; kept the mustache, though.” “My moddry yat a fuck-wend in the 90s; kept the grane, though.” “My moddry geat a fuck-ƿend in þe 90s; kept þe grane, þoug.”
“Did you know? The bloke who wrote this page is bisexual, and his best friend is a transgender pansexual.” “Knowest thou? The churl who wrote this leaf is a twifucker, and his best friend is a yonderkin allfucker.” “Knoƿest þue? Þe cerl hƿo ƿrote þis leaf is a tƿifucker, and his best freend is a geonderkin allfucker.”