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The following is a list of English's 100 most everyday words, as told by the Oxford English Corpus, and which are not already Anglish. They have been split up into their sundry meanings, as told by the Cambridge Dictionary, and went into their Anglish matches. See the Anglish Wordbook for the full wordhoard.

The Words

English Anglish In a saying
just (now) right I'm right coming. I'll right end this, before we go.
just [now] right now He's in the bath right now -- can he call you back?
just (soon) right I'll be right with you.
just [then] right/ere then/now Who was at the door right/ere then/now?
just (exactly, equally) right It's right where I'd like it. They looked right like each other.
just (only, simply) only, but, ofoldly Tis but/only a scratch. [It's] but/only you and me. It but/only won't work. But/only last year.
just (almost, barely) barely, nigh [on] The shoe barely fits. We barely missed out. We got there nigh on time.
just (very, fully) so It's so dreadful what befell her.
people (persons) folk[s], men Some folk[s] think highly of themselves. Are folk[s] fulfilled with my answer? The men are becoming restless.
people (kind of person) folk They're good folk. They are working folk.
[the] people the folk The will of the folk. The folk are with us. The folk wish for new leadership.
[a] people (nation) folk Her folk come from England. The English and French folks sit over the sea from one another.
[a] people (fellowship) folk My business take/nimb good care of their folk. My folk will talk to your folk.
[to] use (to purpose) brook, note, wend to, wield, bear, handle, work, run, go to, draw on, bring into play Brook/note the glass to drink. You know how to wield/bear swords well. I can handle bows. It isn't went to anymore. No one goes to that for help anymore. We can work their beliefs to help us. Run the reckoner to find out. Draw on her to get this done.
[to] use [up] (consume, reduce) brook [up], note, spend, get/go through Brook/note the time you have well. He spent all his time. We've gotten/gone through everything we needed to.
[to] use (exploit) brook, note, milk He's only brooking/noting you for his own selfish needs. You're being brooked/milked.
[to] use [up] (a purpose) brooking, meaning, good [for], need [for] You'll find a brooking/meaning for it. What good is it, if it's broken? He's not good for anything. There's no need for that.
[to] use (consumption) brooking [of] It's a better brooking of your time.
[to] use (meaning, sense) meaning[s], bearing[s], brooking[s] There are many meanings/bearings/brookings of this word.
[could] use (benefit from) need, [could] brook/stand/do with I need a drink. I could brook/stand/do with a good meal.
used [to] (formerly & continuous) once, formerly I once knew him, but not any more. I don't go as often as I once did. I was formerly much better at it.
used [to] (formerly & habitual) [would] once, formerly, often, sometimes I once drank/would drink from the stream. I formerly ate/would eat raspberries. I often went/would go to the harbor. I sometimes fared/would fare to the woods.
used [to doing] (familiar) at home with, wont I'm not at home with doing that. That's what he's wont to do; that is his wont.
because since, for[that], as [of], being Since I said so. For[that] I've looked everywhere and still can't find it. No, as I won't be there. Being I'm not ready is why!
because of (due to) owing to, by way of, as of, along of The game was called/clept off owing to the rain. The win was by way of our hard work. I can't walk as of my broken leg/shank. It was all along of you!
[a] person (a human) man The first man on the moon. It seats two men. For all mankind. A businessman.
part [of] some [of], [a] bit [of], [a] deal [of] A deal of them are ready. I'd like a bit of it. Some of it is ready. Some of them are keen to go.
part[ly] (partially) [a/in] deal, [a] bit, somewhat A small deal of it. In deal or in full. He's a bit tired. It's somewhat helpful.
part[ly] (usually) [in a] [great] deal, mostly In a great deal of times it works well. He was mostly helpful.
[a] part (piece) [a] bit, [a] deal, some A bit of it is blue, while the rest is red. The lower deal of the house is stone. Some of my body is still sore.
[a] part (segment, chapter) deal The film is shown in two deals. The book is split into twelve deals.
[a] part (equal measure) [a] deal [of] Blend one deal of blue with one deal of yellow, to get the right green.
[a] part (position) bit I have a bit in the show. She plays the bit of the mother.
[take] part (involvement) bit [in/of] He wished his bit in the business. I'll have no bit of this madness. I will not have any bit of this.
[a/to] part deal [out], split, [a-]sunder Deal out some cards. The split in my hairline. The two split on good words. Split the log. We found ourselves asunder.
[a] part (partial share) deally He's [a] deally owner of the horse. Deally ownership is better than none at all.
[a] place (area, location) stead, spot, stow The orchard was a cool stead to go to. A stead of worship. It's a busy spot.
[take] place (happen) [take/nimb] stead The show takes/nimbs stead next Tuesday. It took/numb stead earlier this morning.
[out of] place stead, step His running shoes looked out of stead/step in the ballroom.
[in] place (right/ready) [in] stead The seats are all in stead. Everything is in stead for the show to start.
[in] place [of] [in]stead [of] I did that instead of the other thing. She will be there in my stead.
[to] place (position) stow, put Stow it in the house. She stowed it in my hands. Put it on the ground. I think I know her, but I can't put her.
[a] place (home) home, stead Let's get together at my home. My stead has a great yard.
[a] place (unknown location) stead, somewhere I'm looking for somewhere to live. There's a stead out there for me.
[a] place (building) stead, spot I need to go to my workstead. We're going to the pizza spot.
[a] place (duty/standing) stead It's not my stead to say whether this is right.
[a] point (idea/opinion) wit, meaning, thought Let's talk about your first wit. You made some good wits in your speech. I think you missed my wit/meaning. That's a good thought.
[a] point (location in time/space) ord, spot, stow, stead The ord/spot/stow/stead where the road stops. That's the ord/spot/stow/stead at which you lost me.
[a] point (purpose) brooking, meaning, good What's the brooking/meaning of that? What good is it to shout at him? There's no brooking at having it ready if he won't come.
[a] point (unit of scoring) mark He won the most marks. I got full marks for my work. The warmth rose by enough marks to melt the ice.
[a] point (tip/pinnacle) ord The ord of the knife stuck into the floor. The sharp ord of a needle. They were held at gun-ord. The snowy ord of the barrow.
[a] point (characterstic/quality) mark Kindness is her strong mark. There are sundry marks to look for when choosing a house.
[a] point (peninsula/cape) head[land], spit, [sea] stack I'll see you at Outlook Head. The spit stretches out into the sea. Beware the stones hidden in the waters of the sea stack.
[a] point (mathematical sign) dot It's two dot two feet long [2.2 feet long]. The oversight befell when someone leftout the decimal dot.
[a] point (socket/slot) ord There's an ord in each room. Look over the ords and plugs and top up the oil.
[a] point (switch/interchange) ord, shift The tugwain rattled as it drove over the ords.
[a] point (mark) mark Draw a straight line between the two marks. The ords meet at the North mark. I can barely make out the two small marks of the headlights.
[a] point (way/direction) -wise Mete it lengthwise. It is a righteous deed.
[to] point (direct/guide/lead) wise, look, head, steer Wise your fingers at where to go. The arrow is wising to the right. Look/head/steer to the right.
[to] point (fill in [with cement]) fill in The house is on bad footing, as the bricks were not well filled in.
[to] point out (call attention to) bespeak, wise/make out, make [one] aware, finger Bespeak what needs doing. Make it out for me. Make them aware of it. I made out this would befall us, but no one listened! The lawbreaker/ewleaper was fingered by his own sithe.
[a] government (group/state) leadership, rich The wale will choose the leadership of England. The business's goals are set by its leadership. The rich of England set its laws/eas.
[a] government (system/being) leadership The United Kingdom's way of leadership is a "Constitutional Monarchy". The new fold has no background in leadership.
[a] company (corporation) business He works for a software business. No smoking is a business law/ea.
[a] company (group of people) fellowship, sitheship, band, team, body, crowd The Fellowship/Sitheship of the Ring. The band of players took a bow. A body of men stormed the stronghold on the hill. We're on the same team. He doesn't fit into that crowd.
[some] company (other people) fellowship, sitheship He makes for good fellowship/sitheship. I rather like my own fellowship/sitheship. Sorry, I didn't know you had fellowship/sitheship.
[a] number (numeral/symbol) rime, score 1, 2 and 3 are all rimes/scores. I'm a teller, so I'm mighty good with rimes/scores. What's our flight rime?
[a] number (amount) rime, score One and two makes a rime/score of three. There's been a growing rime/score of deaths from the sickness.
[a] number (particular thing) one Do you have last week's one of the New Yorker? I have all the former ones. He's a good one, isn't he? That's an old one but a good one. This next one he's about to play is rather catchy.
[to] number (assign order) rime, score Rime/score the leaves from one to ten. All the writs have been carefully rimed/scored and put away.
[to] number (amount) rime, score The folks at the gathering rimed/scored in the hundreds!
[a] group (set) gathering I'm meeting a gathering of friends tonight. The bench is by a small gathering of trees. I was shown another set of books.
[a] group (musicians) band I love their songs; they're my fondest band!
[a] group (consortium) band Tidings News is a news band that owns many sundry outlets.
[a] group (sporting group) band My team will play against/wither yours in the first band. He was the greatest fighter in the heavyweight band.
[to] group (organize) gather We all gathered together to sing. I gathered the books by their height.
[a] problem (cause or situation) hitch, [a] bind The main hitch is lack of wealth. I'm in a bind over this friend of mine.
[a] fact truth Yes, that's a truth. I don't know all the truths of it. In truth, he doesn't even work here. It's a truth of life. There's no going against/wither the truth on this. It's a hard truth.
different (dissimilar) sundry, new She wears something new every day. There are many sundry kinds of books.
different (distinct) sunder, unlike, [an]other[wise] The first shirt is sunder from the other. Edward is unlike his sister. There is another way. I believe otherwise.
different (various) sundry, many, manifold There are sundry houses to pick from. Harvest brings upon leaves of many/manifold hues.
large (big, abundant) great, big, broad, wide, hefty A great/big house. The world's greatest/biggest dog. I need a greater/bigger seat. The broad side of it. There's a wide span still to go. It's a hefty lot of goods.
at large/by and large (mostly) on the whole This man does not stand for us on the whole. There are some drawbacks to it, but on the whole it's pretty good.
important (necessary/valued) weighty It's more weighty that we do this first. The weighty thing is to keep him away from the fire. He's not so handsome, but he's good to me, which is more weighty.
[the] public (people) folk The folk mood has shifted wither/against him. We need more folk awareness of what's going on. His speech didn't gather the folk backing he'd hoped for.
public (communal) open, shared It's all out in the open now. It'll be an open showing, in the yard. My children go to an open school, not a sunder one. The open bookhouse is owned by everyone in the neighborhood. It's a shared bench, anyone can sit here.
-able -endly If it can be washed then it's washendly.
able (can do) fit, ready You must be fit/ready to do the work. Sorry that I wasn't fit to ring you yesterday. We won't be fit to make it on time if we don't leave now.
able (skillful) crafty, skillful, gifted It's being handled by our most crafty/skillful men. He's a gifted learner.
around (toward/surrounding/at) about, umb I've looked all about/umb the room and I can't find it. The moon goes about/umb the earth. It's set the wrong/wough way about. There's a sickness going about.
around (approximately) about He's about six feet tall. It went down about two months ago. Let's meet about five. She earns about $40,000 a year.
very (absolutely/highly) truly, mighty, so, sorely, swithe It's truly fast. It's mighty good. I'm so sorry. You're sorely mistaken. You're a swithe good man.
[the] very (exact) true It's the true best food I've ever had. Yes, the true same. On that true day. Yes, your true own! I can't true well say it if it isn't so! The best bit is at the true end of the book. You'll find the tree at the true top of the hill.
[to] form shape, make A thought started to shape in my mind. Shape the clay with your hands. They shaped a crowd in the town yard. The two businesses came together to make a new holdings.
[a] form (document) sheet, writ Kindly hand in the sheet/writ once you've filled it in.
[a] form (type) kind Swimming is a great kind of workout!
[a] form (appearance) shape The moon highlighted the shadowy shape of the hills.
[a] form (behaviour/ability) bearing[s], way It was bad bearing of you to speak over him like that. The horse's bearing is swift and nimble. The swimmer is still getting her bearings back after breaking her arm last year. His way of doing things seems to work.
form (grammatical type) shape 'Isn't' is the short shape of 'is not'.
form (school group) year My son is in year 3 and my daughter is now in year 5.
[to] turn (revolve) wend, wind, spin, twist, go about The wheels started to wend. She spun on her toes. Slowly, I wound the door handle. The earth goes about on its axis once every 24 stounds.
[to] turn (change position) wend, shift She went/shifted left at the last set of lights. Wend/shift and look at me. The clouds came out and the weather went/shifted bad.
[to] turn (switch) wend, shift, sway Wend/shift/sway your mind. Shift off/out the light. Shift it into drive. Shift the loudness up, I can't hear a thing.
[a] turn (opportunity) wend, shift, go, cost (means), shot It's my shift/go/cost next. You miss every shot you don't nimb/take.
[to] move (change position) wend, shift, stir It's so cold I can't shift my fingers. Shift to the left, would you? He keeps stirring in his sleep.
[to] move (change place) wend, shift, go We're shifting to Oxford. Get a shift on! My next door neighbours shifted away.
[to] move (progress) wend, shift, step If you wish to shift ahead, you'll need to do better. This is a step in the right way.
[to] move (cause) wend, shift, stir, drive, lead It's shifted him into the right mindset. What would have stirred him to do such a thing? It's driving us mad. It leads us to think it over.
[to] move (change opinion) wend, shift, sway Whatever you say, you can't wend/shift me on this.
[to] move (instill feeling) wend, shift, stir, sway I was deeply went/shifted/stirred/swayed by what you said.
[to] move (suggest) offer, drive I offer that we go see a film. We wish to drive for more fairness.