Henry IIIs Ban

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Þe Ban sent ute folloƿing þe Besigts of Oxford. Backgrund on King Henry III - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_III_of_England - and þe Besigts of Oxford - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provisions_of_Oxford

King Henry IIIs Ban - 18þ Ƿinterfulþ, 1258

Henry, þruge Gods fultum, King in England, Lord in Ireland, Hartoƿ in Normandy and Aquitaine, and Earl in Anjou, sends greetings to all his hold underlings, learned and unlearned in Huntingdunscire. Ye knoƿ þat all ƿell, þat ƿe ƿisc and unn hƿat ure redesmen, all or þe more deal of þem, hƿo are ceosen by us and þe lands folk in ure kingdom, haf done and scall do, þat in þe ƿorþness of God and in ure troþ, for þe lands freem, þruge þe besigt of þe aforesaid redesmen, þey be steadfast and lasting in all þings forefer ƿiþute end. And ƿe hote all ure treƿ in þe troþ þat þey oƿe us, þat þey steadfastly hold and sƿear to hold and weer þe laƿs þat haf been made and þose þat are yet to be made by þe aforesaid redesmen, or þruge þe more deal of þem, as it is said before. And þat þey eac help one anoþer to do by þe ilk oaþ and to underfang þeir rigts and do rigt toƿards all men. And þat þey nim no land or anyþing hƿereby þis besigt can be let or ƿorsened in any ƿise. And if any or many are against þis, ƿe ƿisc and hote þat all ure treƿ hold þem as deadly foes. And for þat ƿe ƿisc þis be steadfast and lasting, ƿe send yeƿ þis open ƿrit, sained ƿiþ ure insail, to hold amongst yeƿ in hoard. Ƿitnesses ureselfes at Lundon, þe eigteenþ day of þe munþ of Ƿinterfulþ, on þe tƿo and fourtieþ year of ure rixeling. Þis ƿas done before ure sƿorn redesmen: Boniface, Arcbiscop in Canterbury. Ƿalter of Canteloƿ, Biscop in Ƿorcester. Simon of Montfort, Earl of Leicester. Richard of Clare, Earl in Gloucester and in Hertford. Roger Bigod, Earl in Norþfolk and Staller in England. Pierre of Savoy. William of Fort, Earl in Albemarle. John of Plessis, Earl in Ƿarƿick. John, Geoffries sun. Pierre of Montfort. Richard of Grey. Roger of Mortimer. James of Audley, and before enuge oþers. All þe ilk ƿords are sent into efery oþer scire ofer all þe Kingdom of England and into Ireland too.