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This is an attempt to compile Anglish names for English's Latin letters (or in the case of W, to invent a name). The names are based on the manuscripts Stowe 57 and Cotton Titus D 18, and also on an understanding of English's historic sound changes.

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Tabled List

Aa a /eɪ/
Bb bee /bi/
Cc chee (cee[1]) /tʃi/
Dd dee /di/
Ee e /i/
Ff eff /ɛf/
Gg yee /ji/
Hh hake /heɪk/
Ii i /aɪ/
Kk kay /keɪ/
Ll el /ɛl/
Mm em /ɛm/
Nn en /ɛn/
Oo o /oʊ/
Pp pee /pi/
Rr ar /ɑr/
Ss ess /ɛs/
Tt tee /ti/
Uu u /aʊ/
Ww twin u /twɪn.aʊ/
Xx ex /ɛks/
Yy wye /waɪ/
Þþ thorn /θɔɹn/
Ðð that /ðæt/
Ƿƿ win /wɪn/
Ææ ash (asc[2]) /æʃ/