Offspring of a/o shapes

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There are some words in the English tung which in the bygone were written with either a or o. It is often said that o shapes stem from the south, whereas a shapes stem from the north. While this calls for a more in-depth look, the following is only a short rundown of what became of a and o shapes later. May it be of some help to settle on the nowaday shape of a word of old when it is brought back.


o of(f)


o bold cold fold hold old wold


a ham ram sam (verb)
o from


a lamb
o comb womb


a game lame name shame tame


a ban (verb) can (verb) man pan (WG < L) span swan than wan (adj.)
o on

Hark that on, swan, and wan share the same loud in many a bytung of English, but only one is written with an o.


a and band brand hand land sand stand strand 'beach'
o bond


a fang gang hang pang stang (< ON) tang 'point, tip' (< ON) whang
o among long prong song strong thong throng tongs wrong (< ON)

For there is no sheer overweight of words with either a or o shapes, it is best to look at each word to be brought back on its own. Headwords of wordbooks can give some hint as to how to write them.


a want 'mole'