Seven Staples of Wisdom

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This is an Anglish translation of the song Seven Pillars of Wisdom by Swedish Power Metal band Sabaton.

Note: rail and post are not Anglish.


(Verse 1)
Far from home, a man treads on his own
In the heat of the glistening sun
In the heart of ferneld weasten wone
This man's faring has only begun
A raider has inganged the badowfield
The game is about to unfold

As the darkness falls and the Arab land calls
One man spreads his wings, as the badow begins
May the land show ways up to Lawrence gaze
Seven staples of wisdom lights the blaze

(Verse 2)
Now uprise, the outcome is hanging
Hide and seek, hunters hot on their loast
Theed their ranks, and get their onfanging
Side by side raid the Ottoman post
Tafilah, Medina, Damascus calls
Forspill rail and bridges to dust

(Chorus Repeat)

(Verse 3)
After the wye has been won, belirting or swiking?
Who can tell?
Who stood to gain?
Who stood to lose?
Who did the dying?
Backstabbing of trust from within or where else?
The staples of wisdom can tell
Back home where a new life abides, whispers of yore
The sands of the Arab land calling

(Chorus Repeat)