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The Tale of Sleepy Hollow: Difference between revisions

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Such is the oft bearing of this taled offgalth, which has brought antimber for many a wild tale in that land of shadows; and the goast is known at all the upland firesides, by the name of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow.
It is markworthy that the leaning to swevens I have nemmened is not bundheld toonly by the inborn leeds of the deen, but is unwittingly drunk in by every man who dwells there for a time. Huever wide awake hy may have been before hy infared that sleepy land, hy are wiss, in a littel time, to breathe in the wiching thrake of the lift, and begin to grow fathomsum, to sweven, and to see dwimmers.
I nemmen this frithful stow with all mightly loave, for it is in such littel swethered Duch deens, fund here and there inbosomed in the great Rich of New York, that leeds, sids, and wons are steady, while the great flood of fare and bisiness, which is making unending wends in other deals of this restless land, sweeps hem by unhowed. Hy are like those littel hirns of still water, which hem a swift stream, where we may see the straw and bubbel riding stilly at anker, or slowly wharving in hir littel harbor, unshaken by the rush of the nearby farth. Thaugh many years have gone by sinse I trod the drusy shades of Sleepy Hollow, I wonder yet whether I shud not still find the ilk trees and the ilk maiths idelling in its sheltered bosom.
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