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The Tale of Sleepy Hollow: Difference between revisions

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He was a kind and thankful wight, whose heart widened in deal as his body was filled with good mirth, and whose goast rose with eating, as sum weres rise with drink. He cud not help too, wharving his great eyes umb him as he ate, and chuckeling with the mightlihood that he one day be lord of all this setting of almost unfathomenly throm and torghtness. Then, he thought, hu soon he wud wend his back on the old lorehuse; snap his fingers in the anlet of Hans Van Ripper, and every other gneed huser, and kick any wandering teacher ute of doors that shud dare to name him frend!
Old Baltus Van Tassel shrothe abute amungamong his yests with an anlet widened with cweem and goodliness, sinwelt and winfast as the harvest moon. His frendly tokens were short, but telling, being held to a shake of the hand, a slap on the sholder, a lude laugh, and a thruching lathing to “fall to, and help hemselves.”
And nu the lude of the soon from the meanroom, or hall, chied to the frike. The gleeman was an old greyheaded black, who had been the wandering lude of the neighborhood for more than fifty years. His tool was as old and worn as himself. The greater deal of the time he yat by on two or three strings, lasting every shrithing of the bow with a shrithing of the head, buing almost to the grund, and stamping his foot whenever a fresh twosum were to start.
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