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The Tale of Sleepy Hollow: Difference between revisions

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It is trew, an old bure, who had been dune to New York many years after, and from whom this rake of the goastly rose was fanged, brought home the knowledge that Ickabod Crane was still alive; that he had left the neighborhood in deal thrugh fear of the puck and Hans Van Ripper, and in deal in shame at having been swiftly spurned by the maiden; that he had shifted his steadings to a farlen deal of the rich; had bo taught and conned ea at onse; had becum a ewwit; then a weelder; ran for wicken; written for the tidings; and at last had been made a deemer of the Ten Pund Doomern. Brom Bones, too, who, shortly after his foes swinding led the blossoming Katrina siefast to the alter, was seen to look mighty knowing whenever Ickabods tale was told, and always burst into a hearty laugh at the nemmening of the curvet; which led sum to inkel that he knew more abute the thing than he chose to tell.
The old upland wives, huever, who are the best deemers of these things, hold to this day that Ickabod was born off in an eldrich way; and it is a darling tale often told thrughute the neighborhood abute the winter evening fire. The bridge became more than ever a thing of fearful ey; and that may be the grunds on which the road has been shifted of latter years, so as to cum at the church by the edge of the millpond. The lorehuse being forsaken soon fell to rot, and was said to be inearded by the goast of the wreched teacher; and the plughknave, tarrying homeward on a still summer evening, has often fathomed his steven far off, singing a sorrowful salm among the hoder stillness of Sleepy Hollow.
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