The Monarchs of England and the United Kingdom

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What follows are a set of Anglish Given Names of the kings and queens of the Kingdom of England (927 to 1707) and the Oned Kingdom of Great Britten and Northern Ireland (1707 onwards).

The Sets

The Kingdom of England (927 to 1707)

English Spelling start end Anglish Spelling
Name House Huse Name
Alfred Wessex ~886 899 Ƿessex Alfred
Edward, the First Wessex 899 924 Ƿessex Edƿard, þe First
Ethelstan Wessex 924 939 Ƿessex Eþelstan
Edmund, the First Wessex 939 946 Ƿessex Edmund, þe First
Edred Wessex 946 955 Ƿessex Edred
Edway Wessex 955 959 Ƿessex Edƿay
Edgar Wessex 959 975 Ƿessex Edgar
Edward, the Other Wessex 975 978 Ƿessex Edƿard, þe Oþer
Ethelred Wessex 978 1013 Ƿessex Eþelred
Swoon Denmarch 1013 1014 Denmarc Sƿoon
Ethelred Wessex 1014 1016 Ƿessex Eþelred
Edmund, the Other Wessex 1016 1016 Ƿessex Edmund, þe Oþer
Knout, the First Denmarch 1016 1035 Denmarc Knute, þe First
Harold, the First Denmarch 1035 1040 Denmarc Harold, þe First
Knout, the Other Denmarch 1040 1042 Denmarc Knute, þe Oþer
Edward, the Third Wessex 1042 1066 Ƿessex Edƿard, þe Þird
Harold, the Other Godwin 1066 1066 Godƿin Harold, þe Oþer
Willem, the First Normandy 1066 1087 Normandy Ƿillem, þe First
Willem, the Other Normandy 1087 1100 Normandy Ƿillem, þe Oþer
Hamrich, the First Normandy 1100 1135 Normandy Hamric, þe First
Steven Blayes 1135 1153 Blayes Stefen
Hamrich, the Other Anchow 1154 1189 Anceoƿ Hamric, þe Oþer
Richard, the First Anchow 1189 1199 Anceoƿ Ricard, þe First
Yon Anchow 1199 1216 Anceoƿ Geon
Hamrich, the Third Anchow 1216 1272 Anceoƿ Hamric, þe Þird
Edward, the Fourth Broomblossom 1272 1307 Broomblossom Edƿard, þe Fourþ
Edward, the Fifth Broomblossom 1307 1327 Broomblossom Edƿard, þe Fifþ
Edward, the Sixth Broomblossom 1327 1377 Broomblossom Edƿard, þe Sixþ
Richard, the Other Broomblossom 1377 1399 Broomblossom Ricard, þe Oþer
Hamrich, the Fourth Lancaster 1399 1413 Lancaster Hamric, þe Fourþ
Hamrich, the Fifth Lancaster 1413 1422 Lancaster Hamric, þe Fifþ
Hamrich, the Sixth Lancaster 1422 1461 Lancaster Hamric, þe Sixþ
Edward, the Seventh Everwich 1461 1470 Eferƿic Edƿard, þe Sefenþ
Hamrich, the Sixth Lancaster 1470 1471 Lancaster Hamric, þe Sixþ
Edward, the Seventh Everwich 1471 1483 Eferƿic Edƿard, þe Sefenþ
Edward, the Eighth Everwich 1483 1483 Eferƿic Edƿard, þe Eigþ
Richard, the Third Everwich 1483 1485 Eferƿic Ricard, þe Þird
Hamrich, the Seventh Tidder 1485 1509 Tidder Hamric, þe Sefenþ
Hamrich, the Eighth Tidder 1509 1547 Tidder Hamric, þe Eigþ
Edward, the Ninth Tidder 1547 1553 Tidder Edƿard, þe Ninþ
Marry, the First Tidder 1553 1558 Tidder Marry, þe First
Elsbit, the First Tidder 1558 1603 Tidder Elsbit, þe First
Yacom, the First Stewart 1603 1625 Steƿart Geacom, þe First
Churl, the First Stewart 1625 1649 Steƿart Cerl, þe First
Churl, the Other Stewart 1660 1685 Steƿart Cerl, þe Oþer
Yacom, the Other Stewart 1685 1688 Steƿart Geacom, þe Oþer
Marry, the Other Stewart 1688 1694 Steƿart Marry, þe Oþer
Willem, the Third Stewart 1688 1702 Steƿart Ƿillem, þe Þird
Ann Stewart 1702 1707 Steƿart Ann

The Oned Kingdom of Great Britten and Northern Ireland (1707 onwards)

English Spelling start end Anglish Spelling
Name House Huse Name
Ann Stewart 1707 1714 Steƿart Ann
Yorris, the First Henver 1714 1727 Henfer Georris, þe First
Yorris, the Other Henver 1727 1760 Henfer Georris, þe Oþer
Yorris, the Third Henver 1760 1820 Henfer Georris, þe Þird
Yorris, the Fourth Henver 1820 1830 Henfer Georris, þe Fourþ
Willem, the Fourth Henver 1830 1837 Henfer Ƿillem, þe Fourþ
Fettory Henver 1837 1901 Henfer Fettory
Edward, the Tenth Sax-Cobury and Goodey 1901 1910 Sax-Cobery and Goodey Edƿard, þe Tenþ
Yorris, the Fifth Sax-Cobury and Goodey (1910–1917), Windsor (1917–1936) 1910 1936 Sax-Cobery and Goodey (1910–1917), Ƿindsor (1917–1936) Georris, þe Fifþ
Edward, the Eleventh Windsor 1936 1936 Ƿindsor Edƿard, þe Elefenþ
Yorris, the Sixth Windsor 1936 1952 Ƿindsor Georris, þe Sixþ
Elsbit, the Other Windsor 1952 2022 Ƿindsor Elsbit, þe Oþer
Churl, the Third Windsor 2022 - Ƿindsor Cerl, þe Þird


  • CarlmanZ, who made and first posted this list to the Anglish Subreddit.
  • The contributors to the Namebook, for converting the Given names.
  • The contributors in the Discord, especially the few that helped translate some of the House names.