The Upfaring

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This is an Anglish translation of the song the Ascension by Swedish Death Metal band Bloodbath.

The Song[edit]

(Verse 1)
Behold, þe moon is hiding in þe cludes
Þe nigt is stilly, a ƿorld in fear
Þree þusand geres sins he ƿas berried in þe sea
He ƿill rise again, his fifelgoast soon ƿill be free

Ƿe beckon þee, O migty one
Drigten, can you hear ure calls?
Ƿe'll die for þee, O lord of deaþ
Ƿe abide þe day hƿen þe ƿoerift of nigt
Ƿill fall and nefer rise
Þe dead scall rise agen
Ƿin ƿill ƿend to ƿark
Þe Upfaring
Noþing ƿill belife
Hell scall come alife
Þe Upfaring

(Verse 2)
Deaþknell, þe sun is rotting in þe lift
Þe grund is shaking, þe end is near
All þe restless souls
From þe neþerland beloƿ ƿill rise agen
Let þe ƿoe and bane begin

(Chorus Repeat)

(Verse 3)
Edcƿickening þruge slaugter
Breeding deaþ
Eferlasting darkness
Deaþ scall lif for efermore