Toki Pona

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Toki Pona is an uthewitly crafted tung known for its onefolded wordhoard of abute 120-137 words. It was made by Canadisc Sonja Lang in 2001 so as to anfold thougts and bolster beamisc thinking, in keeping with the Sapir-Whorf foregessing.


The thruc of all words is on the first staffay. Staffays are bilt lic this: (M)C(n), or migtly midlude + bunden cleeper + migtly n. The midlude is bunden hwen the staffay doesn't start the word. Two cleepers cannot be next to eac other. The strings /ji, nm, nn, ti, wo, wu/ are uncummendly.

Lip Foretung Backtung
Nosewise m n
Stop p t k
Blow s
Flow w l j
Fore Back
Scut i u
Mid e o
Open a



a e i j k l m n o p s t u w are the stafes brooked to write Toki Pona. These haf the ilk worth as the Worldwide Ludelorisc Staffrow.

sitelen pona[edit]

This was crafted by Lang as a sidekir staffrow. It is wilfully cildisc by lite. These stafes are written from left to rigt. Eac staff stands for a word.

Ownnames are written inside a ring and spelled by stafes that stand for the first ludehwit of hir word.

Ekers may be written inside or abuf the word hie tweak.

sitelen sitelen[edit]

Unlic the tung itself, this staffrow is knotty and manifold so as to let the writer slow dune and umbecast the sway of tung. This unlinewise staffrow has two ways to spell words: one staff for eac word and one staff for eac staffay.


Toki Pona has abute 120-137+ words. Eac word has sundry meanings so as to make up for the small wordhoard. Hir meanings greatly hinge on hwat is being talked abute. To talk abute knottier things, words must be fayed.


ala (none), wan (one), tu (two), mute (many), ale/ali (all) are words that can be brooked to spell ute rimes. Rimes greater than two are naugt but said as mute.

Another way to tell is by eking rimes. A bisen is tu tu (four).

A sidekir busked by Lang's book is to brook luka (fife), mute (twenty), and ale/ali (hundred).