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My [proposal] is too extensive to post here (currently, about 22 pages), as I've worked on it for three years. Therefore, if you want to read it, go look at the Anglish Discord. I've posted it in #links-only. Look for mentions of 'Thawed Spelling' and whether the messages contain a file. PDFs should then pop up.

Thawed Version[edit]

My spelling propowsel is to extensif ta post hier (currently, abawt 22 peidges), as Y'f werked on it foar three yiers. Thearfoar, if yo wont ta reed it, gow louk at the Anglish Discord. Y've posted it in #links-only. Louk fer mentiens of 'Thawed Spelling' and whether the messeidges contein a fyl. PDFs shoud then pop up.

Brief list / Breef List[edit]

This list is mierly an upshot fer the owverspeechly spelling of lawds, with bysens.
This list is merely a summary for the diaphonemic spelling of vowels, with examples.

Owverspeech Spelling Bysen
ɑː a star
æ æ, a(if wish'd so) that
ɛ e web
i i, y(end) bit
ee see
ɒ o fox
ɔː oa board
oo proof
ʊ ou could
ʌ u puff
ə e/a(start) about