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Abute þe Man Himself[edit]

Oswin Writman, oþerwise known as Capitán Clark on Discord, is a writer and a forþcumming speechloreman. Understandingly, gifen þe way writers are, he is full set on schifting þe way in hwich Englisch is written. Þroo wending writs, boþ begotten by him and oþers, he hopeþ to help furþer Anglischlearning to all folk, inning himself.

Hu He Became Enþralled by Anglisch[edit]

For many years, Oswin had wunderd if one coold learn a speakingway þat is solely Germanisch. One wirdful day, he stumbeld þwares Anglisch, and has been cawt up efer siþ.

Þawts on Hu Anglisch Schoold be Fulfilld[edit]

Siþ he is borne by most Germanisch þeedschips, he sunders from þe mean weening: Anglisch needþ not be unwemmd. Raþer, Anglisch coold be of any Germanisch tung, and schoold be earþy to hwo speakþ it. Þis is not to say þat Anglisch schooldn't be mainly Englisch; raþer, it schoold be mostly Englisch, but borrowings from oþer Germanisch tungs are atiþed. Þare is room for unweemd Anglisch; howefer, it schoold be up to selfly kir.


To cum in þe anward.