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We do a little Anglish, spelling edhews, and Ozark folkwaysen edbirth-lief.


I brook User:AtterCleanser44's spelling reforms with a tweak or two. I speak with a Southern Americkisc Englisc bytongue, and I believe that spelling should be written the way words sound, so my tweaks may somewhat embody that.


  1. /eɪ/ is shown with ei, at word-end ey: [play] to [pley], [slain] to [slein], etc.
  2. /aɪ/ is shown with ai, at word-end ay: [night] to [nait], [buy] to [bay], etc.
  3. /oʊ/ is shown with ou, at word-end ow: [hope] to [houp], [hello] to [hellow], etc.
  4. /ʊ/ is shown as a short u, that is with a doubled consonant: [good] to [gudd], [foot] to [futt], etc.


Foreign words[edit]

In English In Anglish
Jerusalem Yerusalem
  1. Jerusalem
    Jerusalem in Anglish could be something like Yerusalem, Yerushalem, or, if 100% linguistically pure, Sibsight. Sibgesihþ was an Old English word which was the direct translation of Jerusalem (Vision/Abode/Plan of Peace). Using modern Anglish words, we could come up with something like Sibsight (Sight/Vision of Peace), Sibstold (Abode/Home of Peace), or even Sibborough (City of Peace). If we wanted to be a bit more creative with it, we could have Youdborough (Jewish town), Holyborough (Holy town), or something else like that.