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Founder of Anglish Wikipedia, but planning to contribute here for meta stuff and possibly some fiction if I ever write any. My username on the Discord is Frith.

My strong verb classification (highly irregular not listed, mostly class 2 and class 7 not ending in w):

Infinitive Past tense Past participle
Class 1a (/aɪ/ - /o/ - /ɪ/)
drive drove driven
ride rode ridden
rise rose risen
shine shone (shinnen)
smite smote smitten
stride strode stridden
strike (stroke) stricken
strive strove striven
write wrote written
Class 1b (/aɪ/ - /ɪ/ - /ɪ/)
bite bit bitten
hide hid hidden
Class 3a (/ɪ/ - /a/ - /ʌ/)
begin began begun
drink drank drunk
(rin) ran run
ring (as in ring a bell) rang rung
shrink shrank shrunk
sing sang sung
sink sank sunk
spring sprang sprung
stink stank stunk
swim swam swum
Class 3b (/ɪ/ - /ʌ/ - /ʌ/)
cling clung clung
dig dug dug
fling flung flung
sling slung slung
slink slunk slunk
spin spun spun
stick stuck stuck
sting stung stung
string strung strung
swing swung swung
win won won
wring wrung wrung
Class 3c (/ɪ/ - /a/ - /a/)
shit shat shat
sit sat sat
spit (as in spit out) spat spat
Class 3d (/aɪ/ - /aʊ/ - /aʊ/)
bind bound bound
find found found
grind ground ground
wind wound wound
Class 3e (/a/ - /ʌ/ - /ʌ/)
fang fung fung
gang gung gung
hang hung hung
Class 4a (& 5) (/e/ - /o/ - /o/)
bear bore born(e)
break broke broken
shear (shore) shorn
swear swore sworn
tear tore torn
wake woke woken
wear wore worn
Class 4b (& 2, 5) (/i/ - /o/ - /o/)
cleave (as in split) clove cloven
freeze froze frozen
speak spoke spoken
steal stole stolen
weave (as in make fabric) wove woven
Class 4c (& 5) (/ɛ/ - /ɒ/ - /ɒ/)
get got gotten
tread trod trodden
Class 6 (/e/ - /ʊ/ - /e/)
forsake forsook forsaken
shake shook shaken
take took taken
Class 7a (v1 - /u/ - v2+n)
blow blew blown
grow grew grown
know knew known
slay slew slain
throw threw thrown
draw drew drawn
Class 7b (v1 - v1+d - v1+n)
hew hewed hewn
mow mowed mown
saw sawed sawn
sew sewed sewn
show showed shown
sow sowed sown
strew strewed strewn
Class 7c (l: /a/ - /e/ - /e/)
fall fell fallen
wall well wallen
Class 7d (ld: /o/ - /e/ - /e/)
fold feld feld
hold held held
wold? weld weld