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Wordwork's Works[edit]

Anglish Given Names, a side-work from the book English Compound Names.
Twelvish, a drive at reading twelvish, or uncial/dozenal rimes in Anglish.

Wordwork's Wends[edit]

Short Tales[edit]

To Build a Fire, a short tale, written by Jack London.
The White Ship, a short tale, written by H. P. Lovecraft.

Folk Tales[edit]

The Lambton Worm, an English folk tale.
The Rose Tree, an English folk tale.
The Three Sillies, an English folk tale.
Tom Tit Tot, an English folk tale.


The American folk song Buffalo Gals.
The Icelandish loofsong Hear, Heavenly Smith (Heyr himna smiður).
The American landsong The Star-Spangled Streamer (The Star-Spangled Banner).
The British landsong God Keep the Queen (God Save the Queen).
The Nornish landsong Yes, We Love This Land (Ja, vi elsker dette landett).


Foreword from the Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer.