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>I think English grammar (and other changes from Old English other than wordstock) never would have simplified remotely as much as it did without Norse, so it would be better to just learn and speak Old English than do Willsome English. How do you respond to this?

Firstly, I don't know of any instance where Norse itself simplified English so if you have any examples please let me know because this would be beneficial to our project. As of now, we look at Norse words. Secondly, we take the approach of repairing English today with what we know is voluntary and involuntary. To go back to Old English would be to dump a lot of change, even voluntary ones. Furthermore, our philosophy isn't "What if England had never been invaded", it's knowing that English today is full of loanwords and serves as an alternative to it that only reverts what's known to be involuntary (whether it be the wordstock, Carolingian script, or sayings). Hunter0one (talk) 23:11, 10 March 2021 (UTC)