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Wolcensmen is a gleeman from England who makes Godslorely Dark Folk songs. His songs have been said to be both Newfolk and Dark Rock. Wolcensmen was started in 2013 with the crafting of a three-song atewly CD. Dan Cappo, the man behind Wolcensmen, formly wished for Wolcensmen to be a craftly outlet, but after putting the songs on Bandcamp, Deivlforst Records had found him and wished to make a small gleeset of his songs. With many folks finding his gleecraft swell, Wolcensmen would at last craft a full gleeset, Songs from the Fyrgen in Blootmonth 2016. Wolcensmen would go on to put out another gleeset, Fire In The White Stone in 2019. His gleecraft is sung in Early New English and New English. He brooks older spellings and outspeakings of many words in his songs, and draws on English-Saxish stear and heathendom in his work. Other bands and gleemen such as Ulver, Opeth, Empyrium and Wongraven have swayed his work.

Gleesets & Songs[edit]

Songs from the Fyrgen

Songs from the Mere
Fire in the White Stone